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Leqₘ Meter

Beta version:

  • The measured values can deviate from other tools.
  • Does not run on Safari browsers yet.

This tool measures the loudness of your soundmix using the digital cinema standard Leqₘ. It runs completely in your browser, no data will be uploaded!

Please note:

  • In most countries, a trailer must not exceed a Leqₘ value of 85.
  • In most countries, an advertisement must not exceed a Leqₘ value of 82.
  • Files must be in Broadcast Wave Format (*.wav).
  • Files must be 24 bit 48 kHz.
  • Leqₘ measurement should not be used on content exceeding 10 minutes.
  • Measuring content exceeding 10 minutes gives in general imprecise results.

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