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Timecode Duration Calculator

This timecode duration calculator shows you the duration between two timecodes. For more infos, please read the description below.



00:00:00:00 @24fps, 0 frames

What is TC Duration and how to use it?

TC Duration is an online tool that calculates the duration between two timecodes. The timecodes it processes must have the same frame rate (FPS). To use TC Duration, you first choose the frame rate. You can choose between multiple FPS rates between 23.976 and 60 FPS. Second, you input the OUT and the IN timecodes. Please note the OUT timecode comes first. Therefore if you want to know the duration between two timecodes, you must enter the second timecode (OUT) first.

If your input results in a calculation error, TC Duration will inform you. Hit the button COPY to save your result to the clipboard. If you want to reset the state of TC Duration, use the reset button. Each result timecode has three parts: the timecode, the FPS of the timecode, and the frame count of the timecode.